T.I. to go back to his old school style?

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       (Courtesy of Hip Hop DX.com columnist Salima Koroma) On Friday, T.I. gave his first interview since he went to prison on one of Atlanta's hip hop stations V-103. In the interview he talked about his family, his image in the media, and his future endeavors.  But one particular thing that he said in the interview sparked my interest.


"When I went through everything I was going through, [I became] the new, sophisticated, Paper Trail, upper echelon T.I.," he said. "All of those people [who liked this new T.I.] were the ones quickest to give me their back pockets to kiss. The ones who really stayed down with me was them Bank Head natives. The ones who supported them first two albums. So I feel like I'ma stay down with who stayed down with me." 


Is he going back to his old style from his first few albums? It seems as if he feels that he messed up going the musical rout he did after he served his first of two back to back prision sentences. That would be a good business manover since many of his die hard fans started to condem and judge him saying that he had gone soft. Me? I embrace the move. T.I. is one of the better rappers in the game to date. His first few albums were classic. Paper Trails was......eeh....ok. It wasn't anything like the album that came before it (T.I. vs T.I.P). Hopefully, we get the T.I. back we all know and love and he stays out of jail this time.

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