Diddy and Suge set up 2pac and B.I.G Proof?

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                                  Earlier today, LA Weekly interviewed former LAPD Homocide Detective Greg Kading. Kading said that an informant told him that  he was offered $1 million dollars to kill Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur. Now this could be all talk, since he has a well anticipated book called "Murder Rap" hitting the shelves tomorrow, but he digs deeper into the cases of those two infamous homocides. Suge's baby mamma Theresa Swann admits that he gave her money to clue in a notorious compton gangster to murder Christopher "Biggie Smalls.


                                 Kading also claims that the LAPD have been sitting on exstensive tapes and documents containing confessions from major players between the murders of the two rap giants. Why have they had this information hidden so long? As a huge 2pac fan, this is something I want to know. Kading was pulled from the case when he was "close to driving the case home". Again, if this is a homocide of two very famous celebeties why was it scrapped in the first place? 


                                  I'm also real suspicious of how Greg Kading is just going to turn into a super hero and "bring their killers to justice" when his book is about to come out. Thats just too coincidental. I really believe that he is milking this to get his book sold, which is total disrespect to 2pac and Biggie. However, this is still an intresting topic and I just want to highlight a few things that caught my eye in the story from LA Weekly.com (link below)


In a taped confession fully reviewed by L.A. Weekly, Keffe D says, "[Combs] took me downstairs and he's like, 'Man, I want to get rid of them dudes.' ... I was like, 'We'll wipe their ass out, quick. It's nothing.' ... We wanted a million." In another stunning confession, detailed in LAPD documents reviewed by the Weekly, the mother of one of Knight's children, identified in Kading's book as "Theresa Swann," breaks down in tears, stating that the former Death Row boss gave her the money to pay Wardell "Poochie" Fouse — Knight's close associate and a fellow member of the Mob Piru Bloods — to kill Smalls.


In his confession, Keffe D takes the officers on a trip back to the night Shakur died. Keffe D places himself in the passenger seat of the old white Cadillac that famously pulled up, full of Crips, on the right side of the BMW carrying Shakur and Knight toward a club just off the Vegas Strip.

Sitting in the backseat of the Cadillac, according to Keffe D, was his own nephew, Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, who got his ass kicked in the MGM Grand lobby earlier in the evening by Shakur's posse over a piece of Death Row bling that Baby Lane supposedly had stolen.

Keffe D tells Kading on tape that his nephew "leaned over, and Orlando [Baby Lane] rolled down the window and popped him [Shakur]." Later, he adds, "If they would've drove on my side [of the car] I would've popped him."

Keffe D gave the FBI a different story in 1997, denying his nephew was involved. In his December 2008 confession, however, the tape indicates Keffe D will only be held immune from his admissions if none of his statements, including on Shakur's murder, are shown to be false.

Kading tells him on tape: "Everything in this report has to be right on, because if down the road it's determined that some of these details are incorrect, then everything's off the table." Keffe D responds, "Don't bullshit me, and I won't bullshit y'all."


These are very intresting quotes from the article. I still have alot more to read into this and I may order the book out of curiosity, so I'll end this article on this note. No matter how the case turns out, we still lost 2 of rap's biggest stars. They can never be replaced. R.I.P Biggie and 2pac and may god bless their families as they go through this ongoing battle.


link to LA Weekly article. Tune in for more updates on this story.


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