Questionable NBA Officiating (This has to stop)

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uspw_6284138_original_crop_650x440.jpg     In the aftermath of game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals , the world isn't talking about the Heat's victory as they embark one step closer to the NBA Finals or the epic collapse of the Boston defense. The headlines arn't even on the monster game by Lebron James. No, the major storyline coming out of the game last night was the majorly slanted officiating. This has lead to many analyst, experts, journalist and commentators lashing out at the NBA. And honestly, from the differant commemts and articles that I read, it seems like these guys are generally right. So, I wanna give my two cents in on the whole situation.


    This public backlash against the NBA officials vaguely reminds me of the situation back in 2002 with the Sacramento Kings and the Kobe, Shaq lead Los Angelous Lakers. I mean, this is the 10th anniversary of the incident where the Kings were screwed over so the heavily favorited Lakers could make it to the Finals. After years of arguements, people are now starting to admit that the Kings very well couldv'e beaten the Lakers. They had abig-4 deep roster of multi talented players that knew their roles and a coach in Rick Adlemen that put the pieces together perfectly. Whose to say that a Nets-Kings NBA Finals matchup would'nt have been intriguing? Likewise, whose to say that a Boston matchup between the Spurs or Thunder wouldn't be interesting? The whole entire,"If this city or this player is in the finals, it'll sell better" arguement has been proven wrong more times than not. A perfect example, the ratings back in 2007 when Lebron James lead the Cleavland Cavaliers to the Finals. I understand this is the Heat, who have these high expectations and not to mention two of the best players in the leauge, but I doubt everybody will stop watching if we get a Celtics-Spurs matchup. 


This situation ,however, is a little bit differant as the Heat actually can beat the Celtics. These guys are an old, veteren team going against the young Heat, who got extra rest as they closed out the Pacers in six games on last Thursday. That gave them three days to rest and study their game plan while the Celtics had to endure a gruesome game 7 against the 76ers and then get on a plane and fly all the way to South Beach, rest up, warm up, and do all the things nessasary to do before a NBA game. But there were some one sided calls as their were 5 technical fouls given to the Celtics. They were quick to blow the whistle on Boston, but Lebron James knocked Rajon Rondo as he tried to do a mini dream shake and nothing was called. 

     Something fishy is going on, and I hope it's not anything similar to the situatino back in 2002. Let these teams play. No matter who wins, we will get a very interesting finals matchup. 

The first part of an original documentery about the whole scandal with the 2002 WCF by NFLRankingDOTnet

The 3 technical fouls given to Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Doc Rivers. What do you think?

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