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    drake-take-care-album-cover.jpgEver since he moved the date of his sophmore LP from his birthday to November 15, Drake's name has been popping up everywhere. You can't go a day without hearing "Headlines" or "Marvin's Room" on the radio. But honestly, I don't mind it. Drake has talent. He's brought a style to the industry that we rarely see. You couldn't always say that about Drake, though. In many of his songs, he seemed like a Lil' Wayne rip off when he first came up. He used to brag about money and hoes every song.Now, it seems as if he's stepped outside the Young Money style of rapping and took in his own style and persona. Let's see if the new, emotional Drake succeded his first album's successes.


    "Over my dead body" really showed me that Drake wasn't playin' with this album. While "Fireworks" started Drake's first LP sort of inconsistantly, this song really showed what the rest of the CD would be like. The instramental was great. I especially loved the piano in the background.


      I don't care what anybody says but "Shot for me" really is the best song on the album. That beat was hot and it was a great transision from the first song. The song titles even go together! 


Headlines is a ok song. Its not remarkable but it isn't Waka Flocka/Soulja Boy bad. Thats one song from Drake off this album that I really didn't care for. The fact that out of all the songs "Headlines" was the one that really promoted the album just dosn't sit right with me. There were way better songs on the album that could've been the lead single. For example, "Underground Kings". Yeah, it's a Money, Hoes, Clothes, Success anthum but still it makes more sense for that to be Drake's lead in than a song where he complains about his success and fame. That just dosn't sound like Drake right there.


It seems as if Drake will never realease an album or mixtape without featuring Lil Wayne or Nikki Manaj. Nikki's part in "Make Me Proud" was surprisingly well done. Thats the best I've heard Nikki sound this year. However, Young Money "General" Lil Wayne could've done better. His verse in "The Real Her" was pretty good but in HYFR(Hell Ya Fucking Right), it seems as if that were bars that Wayne left out of "Tha Carter lV". The only thing Wayne said that was remotely on topic was the hook that he preformed. When you get into his actual lines, it's pretty pathetic. Drake killed it though. I loved his machine gun flow in this song. He definately outdid Wayne in this battle.


I'm not that big of a Rhianna fan anymore. At one point I was when she came out with her first album but now it seems as if she's tried too much to be like Lady Gaga. In this song though, she was amazing. Her and Drake make good music together (Minus "What's My Name"). The beat really gives you a old school feel. That's one thing I have to really comend Drake on. His sound on this LP is fantastic. 


I love how Drake gives love to the late, great singer that died in 2001 in a plane crash Aaliyah. If you listen to my radio show on Spreaker, you know I'm a big fan of Aaliyah. That's one of the things that I really like about "We'll Be Fine". They should just give the producers on this album all an award. It makes no sense how good these instramentals are!! 


This album is a must get for any Drake fans. Hell, for anybody!! Put this on your Chrismas list people!! This really exceeds expectations. The wait was well worth it and I'm really excited for Drake going into the future. He really shoud continue this style of music. Drake has started to put more emotions in his songs and it really helps more people realate to him. I give this album a 9.7 out of 10. But which of Drake's 2 albums is better (Despite my ratings)? Check out my blog on Wendsday to find out my take. My answer may surprise you.


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R.I.P Aaliyah





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