Dr.Conrad Murray convicted for murdering Michael Jackson

Published on by JSmoove

Michael-Jackson.jpgI always felt that there was something odd about the death of Michael Jackson. Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted of involentary manslauter with his hearing scheduled for November 29. Many believe that justice has finally been served for that case. Hardcore MJ fans were in the streets earlier today rejoicing that he was found guilty. Many think that he should rot in prision while others think he should get probational time. Should he do some time behind bars? It really should be considered. The whole case has really been shady. All I want is for Michael Jackson to rest in pease.


Listen to my take on the whole entire situation 


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Dr.G 11/08/2011 04:21

MJ was one of the greatest artist of all time. However, I find this verdict to be sad! The only thing I find Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of, is his Code of Ethics as a doctor. As for being responsible
for the death, he should not have been found guilty!

JSmoove 11/09/2011 12:55

I totally agree. I believe that he should be stripped of his licence for administering the drugs to Jackson but he didn't murder him.