Will the the NBA Lockout finally end?!?!?

Published on by JSmoove

                                                           Ladies and Gentleman, we've hit the red zone of this lockout!

                               When David Stern was asked about the possibly of more preseason games being lost he said (and I quote) "Both teams play hard and the calender is not our friend."

                             The NBA's revenue last year was 4.3 billion, cable ratings through the roof. One of the most popular seasons in the past 20 years. David Stern and company can not afford to lose this. The loss of preseason games is just the first step. They need to get the ball moving before this runs into the regular season. There was a meeting today and Stern reportedly said that they were discussing concepts. Very interesting.......................


                          This lockout was really driven out of proportion by Lebron's controversial move to Miami. He took 26% of the Cavaliers total revenue with him. Several smaller market teams in the past year have lost money. David Stern and the owners don't want what happened with Lebron to happen again. Honestly, I believe that there should be a limit on how much you spend on players that aren't top tier. That aren't your Dwayne Wades, Lebrons, Kevin Durants and Kobes. Its really the owners of those respective teams for overpaying players that hardly provide any help for their club. You shouldn't pay a player as horrible as Luke Walton $1 million. Maybe this is why those teams are in the red as far as their budget are concerned.


                         Hopefully we see this dark cloud casted over the NBA fade away. For the players, fans, and the various others connected to the NBA, I hope the lockout ends. But if it continues to ride along, I'm watching football.

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