The Steve Harvey Morning Show: Steve's Rise to the Top (2011)

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Harvey_trio.jpgLets face it, Steve's time is now. He's the host of the popular game show "Family Fued", a two time bestselling book author , a syndicated radio show personality , has a movie in the works, and a show on Centric where his syndicated radio show's hit characters come to life. Yup, Steve is the man. But is he ready for the huge, Tom Joyner esque push that he's been recieving?


I look to his nationally syndicated radio show for my first answers and I feel a little bit torn. i started regularly listening to the show in 2009. What really jumped out to me at first is Nephew Tommy's prank phone calls. After that, nothing was worth noting. Around that time, Steve went on his religious tip and the comedy portion on the show started to die. Now as I listen, Steve has really changed up his game and gave his show an added boost to make his show one of the top programs in radio today, despite what others say.


The Strawberry Letter is the main segment on the program. If you listen to the show from the top to the bottom, you will hear the promo for the Strawberry Letter about 30 times. Yeah, they do give some good advice but the letters that listeners have started to send really have died down. They used to just have off the wall type letters but now it's, "Should I break up with my man that's making six figures thats good in bed, even though he beats the shit outta me and makes me feel like I'm nothing?". Use common sense!!!  


Another segment thats declined is his Email Bag. There used to be some real crazy things that people sent in. Now it's the traditional, "We love you in (insert city/state/country here)" that every syndicatd radio show seems to get. 


Steve is a funny commedian but he isn't Jamie Foxx when it comes to impressions. Jamie usually nails the voice of the person he is imitating. Steve just dosn't compete. Sister Odell is a funny character but when there is no news for "her" to comment on, she isn't really entertaining. Her beef with Sirley is a good recurring gag though! The Pastor's horoscopes is really and up and down segment. It's usually better when another commedian does them like Kevin Hart or Lavell Crawford. 


It's funny how Carla gets little to no credit for the work she does for the show. Carla is a big reason for the "Locate your Love" dating game that is played on Wendsdays. She picks the 3 contestants who the listenters vote for. I remember I was listening to the local radio show that comes on directly after Steve Harvey in my city and he came off of a song.


"Were back! This is Blazing 92.3, home of the Steve Harvey morning show with Tommy and Shirley----" 


"Damn!", I Thought to myself. She is really underappreciated. She's the only member of the show that dosn't miss a day. 


Junior's Tips! One of the best parts of the show!! Even though it is cut short by Steve and Tommy's playful yet sometimes annoying banter. I remember when he did a tip on Rick Ross. That really started off my day! Sheryl Underwood is voice is extremely funny. Imagine her doing a full segment. It's hilarious!!! The Moring Insperation isn't really worth talking about. It seems like he's half asleep when he does them anyway. 


As I said, Steve Harvey's time is now. His show isn't all that horrible. People act like it's just the worst radio show ever. Stop the hate and move on with your lives people. We all say stupid shit. Steve just happens to say it alot, yet his show is still entertaining. 




Subject: Is it time to let go?

Dear Steve and Shirley,
I am a woman in my forties. I am currently in a relationship with a nice man who loves me, treats me well and is a good father to his children (we have no kids together). I love this man, but I am hesitant in making a lifetime commitment to him. On one level of our relationship things are really good; we enjoy each other's company and have common interests. However, it is the way in which we differ in our lifestyles that is an issue. 
For the past few years there has been one issue after another in his life, most of which are financial. Each time things were good something unfortunate would happen and he would get so depressed. His money problems were puzzling to me at first because he portrayed a better picture than the reality. I understand that no one is going to say I'm broke right up front when they first meet someone, but at some point you have to come clean. I would ask him specific questions about the things that were happening and he would flat out lie. Eventually, I leaned the truth about his mounting financial debt. I told him that my concern was not about the amount of money he made but more about how he chose to spend it (living way above he's means). 
For many years in my own household I had to run a pretty tight ship as a single mom and today am financially comfortable and planning for the future. I know what it takes and how to get through tough times. So I tried being supportive and understanding for my guy and at first my advice seemed welcomed, but was mostly dismissed or ignored. 
Steve, I've heard the quote �insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" and I understand that a man has pride and wants to do things his way, but what if what he's doing is not working? And what happen to the saying �behind ever good man there's a good woman. Can I even help him? 
He wants us to be married soon and says he's tired of waiting for things to get better to be together. I am not comfortable committing to marriage right now. The question is how long do I wait? This has been going on for more than 3 years. Am I doing the same thing over and over too? I'm thinking it may be time to go our separate ways, but I hesitate to give up on us because I do love him. If he hasn't gotten it right by now, will he ever� ?

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