Lloyd and Irv Gotti Beef: WTF

Published on by JSmoove

                                                                And I thought Irv Gotti was dead........

      In an interview, Hip Hop producer and Murder Inc. record label executive had a few choice words for R&B Singer Lloyd. He said that he made Lloyd's career and that if he got ran over by a car he wouldn't feel remorse. Lloyd responded in a nonchalant way saying that he didn't want drama. Irv in a way actually has a point. With his record label, Lloyd had many platinum hits. Irv knows how to promote his artist but obviously this is a desperate attempt to get back in the spotlight. Really Irv? You wish he'd get run over by a car?? Can we just be adults here? I really admire how Lloyd came back at him. He just really marked off the comments. Lloyd is a cool dude and he handled it just like I expected he would. Maybe we can all learn something from situation. Let people hate, they aren't doing anything for you. Lesson learned

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