Is Michael Vick......... Frustrated?!?!?!

Published on by JSmoove

                                     Is this just me, or did this rant remind you of Allen Iverson's famous rant from back in 2001 about practice? In the video, Michael Vick echoed his grievences about not getting the same protection from officials that other quarterbacks do. Could this be because of the fact that he's a black quarterback, his rugged style of play or his past? Never the less, I can sort of see what he is talking about in this video. He has every right to be fusterated! His team is 1-3 and he's playing with a broken hand. He couldn't even get a win against his former team because of a injury that occured. It can be said that the referees are more lenient on defenses when Vick is on the field, but what can he do about that? Absolutely nothing. Show your anger on the field. As a Eagles fan, we need that kind of play to get us back in the superbowl picture. 

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