Fabulous vs Ray J: Who's telling the truth?

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In the music industry, stars come and go. Its started to happen alot with the influx of young artist coming on to the scene trying to fufill a dream. Ray J is one of the ones that has fell off the past few years. The dude was a succesful R&B singer back in the early 2000's and had many acting roles on shows like Moeshia and One on One but he's just fell off. He's been on life support ever since 2007 with his half-made VH1 love reality shows. In fact, if it wasn't for Kim Kardasian, he would be completely forgotton about. I've gotton so tired of seeing his short, crazy, drug addicted self always in news and gossip like its been for the past few months.

But he went too far this time..........

He tried succesful rapper Fabulous at the Maywether-Ortiz fight. 

How can you bring the worst out of one of the coolest brothers in the hip-hop game? Ray J needs to fall back before whats left of his career goes down the toliet. Its sad seeing Ray J like this because I used to like him back when I was a little kid. He's a very talented actor. I have no idea what  happened after him and Kim K. broke up but I've sorta feel sorry for him. 


Supposedly, Ray J was talking trash to the New York born lyricist at the afterparty for the Mayweather fight. What has been told to the media is that Fabulous ruffed him up a little bit and then while he was knocked out, some people stole his chain. There are so many variations of this story that I don't even know who's telling the truth. I'm leaning on Fabulous's side though. What does he have to lose? In fact, this is helping him. He plans to have an album drop in a couple of months. Any publicity good or bad goes in his favor.


Heres the two videos. You be the Judge!


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